Kasper, the german brother of Mr. Punch, has made it:
He became a knight and gives an oath never ever to beat anybody anymore, or else the devil can take him. The devil has been waiting for centuries to get Kasper. Will he make it?
Will the devil get Kasper into hell? A not very serious attempt to talk about violence in our society.


The deeply moral story about how Kasper became a knight and had to struggle against the tricky devil.


Puppets Christian Werdin

Idea & Play  Thomas Vogel

Stage  Grete Kosche, Barbara Richter

Costumes  Elz & Krause, Heike Eger

Playtime 45 minutes

Age  from 5 years and up or only for adults

Audience max 80 persons

Language  German, English, Danish,

Stage  minimum 3 x 4m

Light/Sound on demand